Stand Up and Speak

In this second-to-last installment of our series, Stand Up: How to Fight Injustice, we reach the climax of the story.  Esther finally acts to confront the king about the genocidal decree he signed on behalf of his evil advisor, Haman.  And yet, unlike most stories we tell today, the fate of the Jewish people was not resting on Esther’s shoulders alone.  The same goes for our own battles against injustice.  We need to confront it, but then we need to step back and let the One with the power to make things happen take the reins.  Keep reading to see how this goes.

Stand Up and Speak

Do you remember Harry Potter?  Although I didn’t read the series until I was in college during the summer with not nearly enough else to do, The Sorcerer’s Stone was first published the summer between my freshman and sophomore years of high school over 20 years ago.  The final book, The Deathly Hallows, was released 10 years later.  It’s difficult to overestimate just how big the cultural impact worldwide of those seven books have been.  The adventures of “the boy who lived” have captivated the imaginations of a whole generation; multiple generations in fact.  With a dedicated theme park at Universal Studios, plays, and a new trilogy of movies that precedes the original series, the legacy will continue as long as there is money to be made. Read the rest…

Stand with Humility

In this fourth part of our series in Esther, Stand Up: How to Fight Injustice, we finally get to the action Esther takes to battle the gross injustice facing the Jewish people in Persia.  But, the exact nature of her action really isn’t all that important.  Rather, it’s how she goes about it that matters most.  Keep reading to see just what it is she does that makes her plan so effective.


Stand with Humility

I was born in what some would call the Golden Age of cartoons.  While they weren’t making new episodes, I had all the classic Looney Toons shows available to me.  But I came of cartoon age with the truly classic versions of Batman, Superman, Justice League, the X-Men, and Spider-Man.  I grew up loving superheroes—a love that is now being richly rewarded on the big screen.  The rewards are coming mostly from Marvel Studios which by next May when the fourth Avengers movie releases will have given us 25 movies over the span of 11 years, all telling one, big, overarching story.  It’s a little like the comic book world’s film version of the Bible.  And indeed, the latest Avengers movie has crossed the billion dollars in ticket sales mark faster than any other movie.  I’ve seen it: It was amazing.  It is not a standalone film, however, so I am eager as can be to catch part two next May. Read the rest…