Uncomplicated Relationships

In this final part of our series, Simplicity: Finding Contentment in a Busy Life, we tackle one last area where we all struggle with finding contentment: Our relationships. Relationships can be hard. They can be so complicated. What causes that and how can we fix it? With some wise words from Paul as our guide, we wrap up our journey by answering those very two questions. Thanks for reading.

Uncomplicated Relationships

Around about the time that I was coming through my early teenage years, schools were just beginning to transition from having junior high schools to having middle schools.  My own school district followed the trend pretty closely.  When I was a freshman in high school, they passed a huge bond issue to fund some badly needed new school buildings.  The initial plan was to build three single-grade schools for all the students in the district.  So, they opened Pioneer Ridge Sixth Grade Center, George Caleb Bingham Seventh Grade Center, and they converted my junior high building into the James Bridger Eighth Grade Center.  The first class of those students came in as freshmen during my senior year of high school.  Imagine that—an entire grade who had been entirely on their own for three years.  And the year before that, they were all the last class of fifth graders at their various elementary schools.  Forget about not knowing how the standard school pecking order worked; they didn’t even remember what a pecking order was! 

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Morning Musings: Romans 12:9-21

One of the things every follower of Jesus wants at some point along the journey is a checklist of things that if we do all of these, we will be on the right track in our Christian walk.  Well, here in Romans 12:9-21, Paul offers us about as close to this kind of a list as we will find anywhere in the Scriptures.  This isn’t a list that gets a lot of attention, and it certainly isn’t exhaustive, but it does cover an awful lot of ground.  So here’s my encouragement: Print this list.  Make it a checklist.  Read the rest…